„The World‘s 1st Book summary on a Canoe“ - Enjoy the Key Insights of Simon Sinek's "Start with why"

without reading it

After an amazing transatlantic collaboration with Profound In Curaçao sponsored by the ITKAM - Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany Rebekka & I decide to move Rootify‘s operations to its Caribbean neighbor country.

In those times of uncertainty where the rest of the world was already amidst a global pandemic we realized the importance of rigidly disciplining ourseveles with rituals to grow our level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

As if this global instability wasn‘t enough of a challenge we were parallely coping a huge business uncertainty of not knowing whether my pitch at the German Shark Tank TV Show would go live or not.

We decided to go ALL IN


Our team grew to a dozen people at its peak within three month of 16h shifts from dusk till dawn. One of our most powerful rootines (pun intended) that refueled all four of our energy tanks was canoeing into the sunrise every single morning to read and then pitch the key-learnings to each other.

3 years of stealth mode

I‘ve been sitting on those recordings for almost three years now to finally conclude that it‘s a shame not the share it with all of you. Hence, I‘m piloting a new ParsAcademy Original with my video-book summary of Simon Sinek‘s „Start with why“.

For (aspiring) entrepreneurs

As I know that reading often is deprioritized in a tight and busy schedule I‘m happy to save you some time and deliver you an unique edutainment experience with what I consider the foundation for every (aspiring) Entrepreneur.

6 Episodes Mini-series

Please let me know if you enjoyed watching them as much as I did creating them because I have loads of material on my digital shelves waiting to be published. Make sure to check out the other 5 courses of this series!

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